Naked in the Afternoon - A Tribute To Jandek
1.)    Peter Weiss and Brian Charles: "Quinn Boys II"
2.)    Thurston Moore's Dapper: "Painted My Teeth"
3.)    Couple Scene: "Babe I love You"
4.)    Retsin: "New Town"
5.)    Cassie Rose and the Pickled Punks: "Spanish in Me"
6.)    Youth Aflame (The Choppers): "Twenty-Four"
7.)    Low: "Carnival Queen"
8.)    Ho Chen Keit: "Harmonica"
9.)    Kid Icarus: "She Fell Down"
10.)  Early Morning Initials: "Remain the Same"
11.)  Gary Young: "Take It Easy"
12.)  Psychatrone Rhonedakk: "I Woke Up Medley"
13.)  Ivory Elephant: "Nancy Sings"
14.)  Las Vegas on Mars: "Janitors Dead"
15.)  Goblins: "War Dance"
16.)  Amasa: "Sailors"
17.)  Monster Island: "Road to Corwood/Lost Cause"
18.)  The Storkettes: "Cave In On You"
19.)  Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't (with members of the   Olivia Tremor Control): "Jessica"
20.)  Bright Eyes: "Have You Ever Heard Of Jandek Before?"
21.)  Amy Denio:  "Your Condition"