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The Marshmallow Staircase - Gunfighters SUM0029
(Limited Edition Pressing of 100 Cassettes) 
$6 postpaid in US. 

"Tinges of desert rock lost in the far reaches of lonely space. Fuzz riffs rocking you back and forth, vacuum mesmerizing synths and Jeff Gilotti's vocals roughly announcing from mission control...and those jazzed rhythms, far far out." (Tape Famous)

The Marshmallow Staircase - Gunfighters

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Kid Icarus / Cold Coffee - split 12"
(Limited Edition of 100 12"s) 
$15 postpaid in US

Kid Icarus and Cold Coffee team up for a brand new split 12".  The album is available in a limited editon run and features unreleased tracks from both groups!

Kid Icarus/Cold Coffee - split 12

The Back Catalog
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Prices include shipping.
Naked In The Afternoon - A Tribute To Jandek CD SUM0010
$5 postpaid in US. 
Full Tracklisting

21 songs including contributions from Thurston Moore's Dapper, Low, Bright Eyes, Amy Denio and Monster Island and more.

"As the entire tribute album ethos is fast becoming a smorgasborg of cult wonders -- Summersteps has boldly gone and assembled the seemingly impossible here.  Namely, put together 78 perfectly sequenced minutes of end to end sonic surprises, and all in the name of shining light upon one of our most endearlingly enigmatic cult figures of all time." (

Various Artists - Naked In The Afternoon - A Tribute To Jandek
Jandek Tributes
Down in a Mirror - A Second Tribute To Jandek CD SUM0020
$5 postpaid in US. 
Full Tracklisting

21 songs including contributions from Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, The Mountain Goats, Okkervil River, Six Organs of Admittance, Kawabata Makoto of AMT and more.

Down In A Mirror - anchored by stellar performances from its bigger name contributors - again dips generously into the vast Corwood songbook, bringing rich and surprising rewards to the surface." (

Various Artists - Down In A Mirror - A Second Tribute To Jandek
Kid Icarus
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Kid Icarus / Das Black Milk split 7"
$5 postpaid in US. 

"Sharing a side of a 7" each, Kid Icarus and Das Black Milk, come out with honours even, the former's self-titled track being a mid-paced rocker that has a nasty guitar sound underneath some infectious hooks, whilst the latter provide similar fare with "Art In A Blender" and "Wanna Be King," though there is a more garagey feel to the tunes, as well as some lovely backward guitar."  (Terrascope Online)

Kid Icarus - Kid Icarus
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Kid Icarus - The Metal West   CD
$5 postpaid in US.

"From nervous mathematical stacks of angst, to lo-fi melodic acoustics.  Rather grand pop structures made out of guitars, piano, thermal dynamics and an abiding sense of fatalistic urgency.  Maybe something like the Zombies heard from a subterranean basement."  (Dream Magazine)

"By himself, Schlittler sounds like Elliot Smith, but when his friends show up, they're Pavement on psychedelics."  (

Kid Icarus - The Metal West
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Kid Icarus - Maps of the Saints  CD
$5 postpaid in US.

"Kid Icarus' debut is a nervous DIY pop mood piece, walls of fizzy guitar framing cracked harmonies, muttering ghost voices and a somewhat terrifying version of the Bee Gees' "Holiday."  (Scram)

"There's something magical in that rickety lo-fi sound.  Maybe it's the intimacy of almost eavesdropping on the sock strewn bedroom where the songs were dreamed up.  Maybe it brings us all closer to vicariously sharing the dream of making music that's personal." (

Kid Icarus - Maps Of The Saints
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Kid Icarus - Be My Echo   CD
$5 post paid in US.

"If robert Pollard smoked as much post as the beer he drinks; He might sound something like this." (Dream Magazine)

"A really fine blend of pop, psych and folk.  Robyn Hitchcock's early rawness and melodic sense come to mind." (The Broken Face)

Kid Icarus - Be My Echo
Brother JT
Brother JT - Purgatory, Sweet Purgatory
8" Lathe Cut Vinyl
Vinyl Out of Print

Purgatory, Sweet Purgatory the 4-song EP JT revists some more docile terrain similar to material released on Come On Down.  The touchstones are familiar:  VU, Brian Jones, but the feel is all JT and while not as essential as some of his longer players, is a nice item as it's a limited editon vinyl 8" release by Summersteps Records.  If you like the languid over the ecstatic you're going to love this, particularly if you're enamoured with JT's previous material"  (Foxy Digitalis)

Brother JT - Purgatory, Sweet Purgatory - EP
Lewis & Clarke
Lewis & Clarke - Bare Bones and Branches   CD SUM0019
CD Out of Print

"This is a sincerely brilliant piece of work... something unique, equal parts alt-country and chamber folk, sophisticated, yet rustic." (Crown Dozen)

"a whisper of an album, lovely without being precious, moody without being beleaguering." (No Depression)
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Kid Icarus - Imaginary Songs & Aluminum Hits
(Limited Edition Pressing of 250 LPs)
$12 postpaid in US

"The entire record carries an undefinable vibe between each song – somewhere between bedroom demo and full-on garage rock. Schlittler’s voice is calming but also dually invigorating (and lies somewhere between Conor Oberst, Stephen Malkmus and that band that played the theme song in Pete & Pete, if you were wondering) , and the guitar work (Schlittler on rhythm, Justin Marchegiani on lead and Ted Baird on bass) takes each song into unexpected places while remaining completely in control."  (

Kid Icarus - Imaginary Songs & Aluminum Hits

Digital Releases
Tigers Jaw
Tigers Jaw - Belongs to the Dead
Digital Release

"I'm happy to say that kids are still making lo-fi recordings in basements and 'indie rock' is indeed alive and well and Tigers Jaw is proof.  There are moments on Belongs to the Dead when the drum sounds like a paper bag, and the recording quality is so compromised that you can't tell if it's intentional or not.  Those are the very  moments that make this record loveable in every way."  (Fake Jazz)

Tigers Jaw - Belongs To The Dead
The SW!MS - Welcome to the Back of Beyond Digital Release

The SW!MS of Scranton, PA play an infectious brand of psychedelic music loaded with pop hooks and fuzzed out guitars.  Welcome to the Back of Beyond is a collection of demos, outtakes and alternate versions of songs from some of their previous releases, all wrapped up in some insane cover art.  Fans of the Apples in Stereo and the Flaming Lips will certainly enjoy all of the sugary sweet melodies and offbeat instrumentals packed into this."  (Foxy Digitalis)

Download it at our Bandcamp Site
Various Artists - The Corwood Variations
Digital Release
(A Collection of Jandek Tribute Outtakes)

"The collection is a pretty quirky mix of artists either covering or creating Jandek inspired tunes.  Summersteps Records' Eric Schlittler made solid decisions when creating this compilation.  He captures the adoration of the mysterious Jandek and Corwood through the music of people like himself who sought his music and found beauty and joy (or pain) in it."  (Foxy Digitalis)

Download it at our Bandcamp Site

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$8 postpaid in US
Psychatrone Rhonedakk
on Black Plastic Sound via Summersteps
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Psychatrone Rhonedakk - American Primitive Electronics CD BPS 0010
$9.00 postpaid in US

Psychatrone Rhonedakk celebrates his 10 year anniversary with his latest offering.  A double LP's worth of material at a nice price.  The album features new and previously unreleased cuts from the vaults along with remixes and remastered tracks from out of print vinyl and limited CD-R releases.  A excellent survey course into Psychatrone's psychedelic worlds of sound.
Psychatrone Rhonedakk - Disturbs the Air
CD BPS 008
$9.00 postpaid in US

"Prime-era Ash Ra, Tangerine Dream and other electronic pioneers who have been oft-quoted find a very unique phrasing in Psychatrone's music; in the past his recordings were often full of warm and fuzzy sketches of analog om-ness, but now distilled into cold, freezing nuggets of dark fully structured songs that include perfectly adapted covers of Gandalf, Bill Martin and Warren Zevon bathed in a stark vocal performance."  (WFMU Beware of the Blog)
Psychatrone Rhonedakk with Cotton Casino - Baron Von Rhonedakk and The Crystal Sun
CD BPS 007 
$9.00 postpaid in US

"Psychedelic guitar warlord Psychatrone Rhonedakk and ex- Acid Mothers Temple synth/sitar player Cotton Casino join forces on a work of mindbending beauty.  Songs by Roger Waters, Neu! and Nazareth(!) are cloned and bent out of shape with insane ingenuity."  (The Wire)
Psychatrone Rhonedakk - Keep On Psychedelic Mind!
CD BPS 005
$9.00 postpaid in US

"...very much in the tradition of private press luminaries like Simones and St. Mikeal.  The Acid Mothers tribute, "Theme From Acid Mother Lovers"; is particularly deranged, with tumbling electronics and high frequency flashes slowly giving way to what sounds like Godzilla terrorizing Nagoya.  The CD moves from heavy machine and guitar interactions to spaced tape manipulations, cut with daft hippy humour."  (The Wire)
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Eww Yaboo - Yeah, What? EP
(Limited Edition Pressing of 300) 
$7 postpaid in US. 

"Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania is a hell of a long way from any surfable waves and it’s highly doubtful the four guys in Eww Yaboo are taking it down to the Susquehanna River. However, what they do get up to in the home studio they call “The Notch” is totally amped up tremolo fueled and fuzzed out rock." (A Room Full of Records)   

Eww Yaboo - Yeah, What?