August/September 2006
Our handmade store has arrived.  Corwood Variations, a companion volume to the Jandek tributes, and the marshmallow staircase's debut, Planet Express, are  the first two releases in our year long 10th anniversary series.  Hot off the press, these records are asking for a home on the cheap. 

We've also curated
corwood's photography received as a request for the album cover for Down In a Mirror.  Be sure to check out the first batch from Naked In the Afternoon too.

p.s. When you visit the handmade store, learn how you too, could be a Summerstepsian.  Godspeed.
October 2006

The ten year anniversary show is november 4th at test pattern in scranton. we hope to see friends new and old.

Thanks to all who have ordered, supported, and submitted to the handmade project.  Its been a tremendous success for our first month, including radio play and many domestic and international orders.
Check out October's contributions from 
Psychatrone Rhonedakk and Tigers Jaw

We are also pleased to announce upcoming limited edition vinyl from
Brother JT more details soon!
November 2006
A big thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our ten year anniversary!  Kid Icarus - Live from the Belly of a Dying City DVD and The Green Chair - Occupied Estate are the newest additions to our Summersteps Handmade series and now available!    Brother JT's 8" (yes, that right 8") vinyl release is in the works and it will be called Purgatory, Sweet Purgatory.
December 2006

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Summersteps!  As our Christmas gift to all of you, we are offering a buy one get one free policy for all of our CDs and Handmade stuff.  Just Indicate what product you would like for free when you purchase one. 

We would also like to say thanks to all of the bands who have been so generous in contributing to our handmade series!  The Doses EP is now available at our
handmade store and it's a real barnburner.  We've got tons more on tap for '07.  Louch, My Dad Is A Dinosaur, fantasierock, Crap-O-Phonic and Amasa are all slated for handmade releases next year. 

We should also have our Brother JT 8"  EP coming out early next year via Summersteps proper.
January 2007

Happy New Year from Summersteps!  OK, now that we're all cleaned up from our New Years' Party, we're good to go with two new handmade releases.  First off, we've got Amasa who is checking in with the very impressive Krystal Klub and our friend in Brooklyn, fantasierock who is checking in with a classick of epic proportions in the form of fantasierock12:  fantasierock vs. zuzubooty.

Please check them out over at our
handmade store
Febuary 2007

Louch -  A Computer In The Creek is now available via Summersteps Handmade!
April 2007

Hey everyone, we've got lots to be excited about.  Brother JT's Purgatory, Sweet Purgatory limited edition 8" vinyl EP is almost here.  The official release date is May 15th but you can pre-order yourself a copy right now at our shop.  This is a very limited item, so don't miss out on your chance to score one.  Also, My Dad Is A Dinosaur's Summersteps Handmade album, The Devil In The Playhouse, is in the works.   Stay tuned for that one soon.  Also, we're working on a Summesteps Records Handmade compilation for a Summer release.  So far, we've got exclusive tracks from Brother JT, Psychatrone Rhonedakk, Kid Icarus, The Marshmallow Staircase, Gr. Glacier, The Green Chair, Amasa and tons more.  It's not too late to submit a track, so contact us, if you're interested in sending us a tune. 
May 2007

Brother JT's Purgatory, Sweet Purgatory is now available at our shop in all its limited 8"(!) vinyl glory .  Stop on by and pick one up.  You can also check out a preview track in our mp3 section.

Let's not forget about our good friends My Dad Is A Dinosaur either, their new magnum opus,
The Devil In The Playhouse is now available via our handmade dept

Stay tuned we have lots of great handmade releases in the works including our Summersteps Handmade Compilation, a collection of home recordings and demos from the Sw!ms early years, Das Black Milk's debut, crap-o-phonic's lost album and Kid Icarus' early cassette years compilation.
July 2007

Two new Summersteps Handmade releases for July from Circles and Crap-O-Phonic! 

Kid Icarus recorded a session for the
phoning it in radio program in June and gave everyone a nice preview of their upcoming 2008 Summersteps release, Imaginary Songs & Aluminum Hits.

Lots of stuff planned for August.  Expect handmade releases from The Sw!ms, Das Black Milk and an archival Kid Icarus release.  We're even having a record release show for all this good stuff on August 18th at
Test Pattern in Scranton, PA.  More details shortly. 

Finally, you can now obtain both Jandek Tributes, Kid Icarus and Brother JT releases via digital download at
iTunes, e-Music and other fine purveyors of digital music.
Winter 2008 + January 2009

Starting January 2009.  Get Summersteps updates at our news blog

Happy Holidays!  Now available at our shop is the brand new Kid Icarus / Das Black Milk split 7".  Featuring exclusive tracks from each band on groovy randomly colored marble vinyl, it would make the perfect candidate for a stocking stuffer.  We've also dropped the prices on our back catalog titles, to give everyone a little extra value this holiday season.

Fall 2008

Psychatrone Rhonedakk's latest CD is now available via our shop.  It's called American Primitive Electronics and it's a double LP's worth of new, unreleased and remixed gems released in a limited edition batch of 500 copies

Also In The Works...

Kid Icarus / Das Black Milk split 7"
Suetta - Olympic Stain (1994-1996) LP

Distantly in the future...

Marshamallow Staircase LP
Kid Icarus - Imaginary Songs & Aluminum Hits LP

Summer 2008

Late-  ...and now we shall look forward to the Fall.  All of the aformentioned projects are still in play.  Psychatrone Rhonedakk's new disc will be available October 10th via Summersteps and other fine retailers.  Summersteps and local upstart Leopard Libido will be bringing you a special split 7" between Kid Icarus and Das Black Milk. It will be pressed on randomly colored marble vinyl in very limited edition.  More on this and all this other stuff soon.

Why Did Johnny Kill?'s EP is now available via the Handmade Shoppe.  It's really wild, check it out.  Psychatrone Rhonedakk's American Primitive Electronics CD is at the presses. It's a special 10 year anniversary CD collecting together some new and unreleased material along with reworked and remastered tracks from limited out of print releases.  It's coming mid-September.  Official release date soon.  These Elk Forever (formerly Gr. Glacier) mastermind Greg Gover has something instrumental and handmade in our future, we've heard.  We've still got Kid Icarus' new LP percolating and if that weren't enough there's even more.  The Marshmallow Staircase's planned 7" has morphed into a triangular 8" and there's even some rumblings of a special archival release in early 2009 from a mysterious band who once called themselves Suetta.

ly - Well, the last few months have come and gone, and it's time to give you a little news.  Brother JT's - Purgatory, Sweet Purgatory EP is finally back in stock, this time on 8" clear square shaped(!) lathe cut vinyl over at our shop.  Snap this one up because there are not that many floating around.  We're also going to be rolling out our first metal release soon over at SS Handmade.  It will be coming to us courtesy of Jeff "The Marshmallow Staircase" Gilotti along with some of his cronies and the project is called 'Why Did Johnny Kill?'.  Also some rumblings of a new Psychatrone Rhonedakk CD soon, even fuzzier on our horizon is Kid Icarus' Imaginary Songs and Aluminum Hits LP and perhaps even a Marshmallow Staircase 7" stuck somewhere along that timeline.  Stay tuned and we'll see what develops.

Febuary 2008

Compilation Blues! (a special collection of SS Handmade artists & friends) and Das Black Milk's The Blood of Hell are now available at Summersteps Handmade.  Probably the last of the SS Handmade titles for awhile, so enjoy them.  We'll be focusing in 2008 on bringing you new CD and vinyl offerings from Kid Icarus & Psychatrone Rhonedakk.  More news on these releases soon, and who knows maybe even some other surprises.  I guess we'll see.

January 2008

Compilation Blues! (a summersteps handmade collection) is coming really soon.  We're outta Brother JT vinyl for now, sorry.  Fear not, we're having a very limited number repressed on 8" square shaped records.  So keep your eyes out for those in our shop soon.   

December 2007 pt.2

The SW!MS - Festooned! (A Pile of Christmas's) is now available.

December 2007 pt.1

Hey, we're back! We really needed a breather, after so many releases in the '07.  So we took some time off  to carve some pumpkins, turkeys and even teach a few classes.  But we're back, baby.  Three of our most popular handmade relases; The Corwood Variations - (A Jandek Tribute Companion), The SW!MS - "Welcome to the Back of Beyond" and tigers jaw - "belongs to the dead" are now available on iTunes as well as other fine digital outlets.

Now, we shall look forward to the future.  Stay tuned to this website because THE SW!MS will have a very special handmade Christmas release coming down the proverbial chimney in the next week or two!  January, weather permitting, will see the release of the long delayed Summersteps Handmade compilation and believe us, it was worth the wait.  There's also other new releases looming in the horizon from Das Black Milk, The Green Chair and who knows what else.  We hear Marshmallow Staircase mastermind Jeff Gilotti has something special cooking in the kitchen.  There may even be some activity from the more reclusive than ever, Psychatrone Rhonedakk.  Guess we'll have to see what will happen.

Oh yes, and before I forget, we're having a special holiday acoustic celebration in our beautiful adopted hometown of Scranton, PA on Sunday, 12/23 at the Test Pattern gallery.  If you're in town, visting the relatives or otherwise, we would love to see you there!