Summersteps Records, established in 1996 by Eric Schlittler and Cassie Rose Kobeski, is a micro-indie label located in the heart of rural Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Beginning as a handmade cassette label, Summersteps soon began manufacturing CDs in addition to its handmade wares.

     The label labors to expose wild, fragile, beautiful, psychedelic and obscure music(s) from both its Pennsylvania surroundings and elsewhere in the known universe.  Key releases include two volumes of Jandek covers in addition to albums by Kid Icarus, Psychatrone Rhonedakk, Lewis & Clarke, The Green Chair, The Marshmallow Staircase, Giraffe Hair, Youth Aflame (The Choppers), Amasa, Miss Cassie Rose and the Pickled Punks, and Floating Flower.

     Summersteps continues to release material at a very careful pace, making sure each release is a special experience for both the artist and the listener. 
Kid Icarus - The Metal West

Down In A Mirror - A Second Tribute To Jandek

Lewis & Clarke - Bare Bones and Branches (2005 US Edition)

Psychatrone Rhonedakk - Disturbs The Air

Kid Icarus - Maps Of The Saints