summersteps handmade
To commemorate ten years of Summersteps Records, we are taking it back to our roots. Summersteps began as a handmade cassette label in 1996 with crude and charming releases (I know, not too much has changed).  To mark this occasion, we are releasing a series of unique handmade projects and perhaps even some ancient re-issues from our vaults.Taking inspiration from the aesthetic of 1960's privately pressed releases, check back often to grab the latest and greatest hits.  Don't forget to also check out our Summersteps Records shop to grab our pressed CDs and vinyl offerings
Various Artists
Corwood Variations
$6.00 ppd
SUM HM 001

To kick off our handmade series we are revisiting one of our most important projects, the curation and creation of our two Jandek tribute CDs.  This companion volume features the best of what was submitted for volumes I and II, but spacial restraints caused to be left on the cutting room floor.   A more wasted and experimental sound prevails with occasional dispatches from a more terrestial plane.  Featuring a diverse array with such sub-underground superstars and obscure bands as
Kemialliset Ystavat, Dirty Projectors, Monster Island (ex-Destroy All Monsters), Deluxx (ex-Sebadoh), Static Films  The Indicators, BurningStar Core and 18 more!

Complete Track Listing Here

Listen to
Ape In Tank perform "Go To Bed"
Listen to
Accubat perform "European Jewel"
The Marshmallow Staircase  $6.00 ppd
Planet Express

SUM HM 002

For years, Pennsylvania-based Jeff Gilotti, along with his assorted and mostly anonymous henchmen, has been recording endless hours of psychedelic and electronic experimentation in addition to several genre defying stunts (including experiments in grindcore and death metal) in almost total isolation.  He made his debut last year with a track on on Summersteps' second Jandek tribute,
Down In A Mirror , clocking in with a twisted nightmarish version of the title track.

We are proud to release the first official collection of The Marshmallow Staircase's vast output.  Recorded between 2004-2005,
Planet Express shines a light on Gilotti's psychedelic output and his fascination with the genre and love for early electronic music.Tracks of tripped out wonderment and primitive analog synth freakouts that recall a diverse collection of influences.

Listen to: "
Listen to: "
The Pod Plants"
Tigers Jaw  (Out of Print)
Belongs to the Dead

SUM HM 003

Tigers Jaw is the latest addition to Northeastern PA's increasingly diverse wave of new original independent artists and musicians.  Their music is a blend of lo-fi brilliance, high-school charm, and solid songsmithery.

Belongs To The Dead
is thier debut effort recorded in their attic direct into a cassette deck.  The album is reminicient of classic indie rock via 1994 and is a collection of tunes which will be the future soundtrack to your celebrated summer.

Listen to "
Jet Alone"
Listen to "
Okay Paddy"
Psychatrone Rhonedakk  $6.00 ppd
Cellar Dweller Recordings

SUM HM 004

Since the late 90s, Psychatrone Rhonedakk has been cutting his own path through the sub-underground with a string of groundbreaking and critically praised albums of his own special brand of homespun synth driven neo-psychedelia.

Cellar Dweller Recordings
represents a collection of some of his most early experiments along with outtakes from his four official releases and cover tunes of such underground luminaries as Arthur Lee and Jandek just to name just a few!

Listen to "
Cellar Dweller Theme"
Listen to "
Piece 5 (Lo-Tech-No)"
The Green Chair   $6.00 ppd
Occupied Estate

SUM HM 005

The Green Chair has been exploring the nooks and crannies of the human experience since their debut cassette release of white noise on Summersteps a few years back.Since then, they've lost and gained some band members and written a bunch of amazing songs.

Occupied Estate is a stellar collection of lo-fi wonderment recorded at home.  The songs twitch, drone, and contort with an undescribable energy and even a few intriguing left turns including a Fleetwood Mac cover!  We invite you all to get real nervous with The Green Chair.

Listen to "
Get Real Nervous"
Listen to
"The Ledge" (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Kid Icarus  $6.00 ppd
Live from the Belly of a Dying City
SUM HM 006

Live from the Belly of a Dying City
was filmed in the basement of a Scranton gallery and staged on a brisk Pennsylvania's winter night.  The set captures Kid Icarus spinning tall tales reminiscent of Robyn Hitchcock armed with a well worn acoustic.  The electrifying full-band set features both reworkings of classics from the Kid Icarus canon as well as brand new tracks from thier upcoming album, Imaginary Song and Aluminum Hits.  This DVD is the most accurate representation of the Kid Icarus experience to date and includes  "The Murderess" video, a charming spoof of said song, as an additional visual treat created by the same film-makers.

View: "
Kid Icarus"
View:  "
Her Song For Beth and The Sideshow"
Doses  $5.00 ppd
SUM HM 007

Enconced in the seedy sounds of Scranton PA, Doses were a 4 piece rock band with an unmatched live show.  Their sound, volume, and energy levels were unparalleled when it came to performance.  Their sound,  a volatile mix of post punk with equal parts proto punk and garage rock impulse.

This EP represents the best attempt to capture the Doses live experience in a studio setting.   Recorded at Decapolis and Dan's House Studio, it is an itense concentrated surge of raw power.

Listen to "
Hong Kong Ruby"
fantasierock  $6.00 ppd
fantasierock vs. zuzubooty

SUM HM 008

Brooklyn NY's fantasierock, along with hispal zuzubooty, have delivered some of the most cracked tunesmithery yet to hit the offices of Summersteps' handmade dept.  With a voice that recalls David Byrne, fantasierock captivates his listener with enough musical and lyrical twists to make one's head swim.  The album swings from the absurdity of
Kraut Party to the moody and etherial Dump It In The Ditch and hits just about every other mood inbetween.  Vs. is a fine album that brings new aural rewards with each listen.

Listen to "
Dump It In The Ditch"
Listen to "
Make It Fucking Happen"
amasa  $6.00 ppd
krystal klub

SUM HM 009

Ted Baird a.k.a. amasa is a really busy guy.   When he's not playing bass in Kid Icarus, he is at home crafting his own special blend of muzik.

rystal klub represents amasa's best album to date.  The album is a sucessful synthesis of his post punk influences (think Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Wire, The Church, etc.), but he is not afraid to get his freak on with some dancier tracks that recall the well worn 12" dance remixes humming on his vinyl decks.  krystal klub is accompanied by a bonus disc that we'll call "catching up with amasa."  Highlights include amazing amasa originals like "bald bastards", which takes the fury from Mr. Baird's bizarre redneck neighbors and turns it into a thumping anthem.

Listen to "
the line"
Listen to "
Louch $6.00 ppd
a computer in the creek

SUM HM 0010

Tim Abrams and co. have knitted a cozy, clever, and contagious debut that consists of demos and home recordings under the banner of the Pennsylvania Spider Plague.  Their sound meets somewhere at the intersection of Bob Dylan's folkier impulses and the stoned sensibilities of Pavment's
Wowee Zowee era.  With a dash of a few bearded Beatles, along with some well placed violin & synth squiggles, a computer in the creek is simply irresistible.

Listen to "
writers block"
Listen to "
My Dad Is A Dinosaur $6.00 ppd
The Devil In The Playhouse

SUM HM 0011

My Dad Is A Dinosaur are back!  The long awaited follow up to thier 2003 debut on Prison Jazz Records is finally here and it does not disappoint.  The album is all over the place from some Hasil Adkins influenced rave-ups to instrospective acoustic vibes.  It's a semi-concept album drawing inspiration from Paul Rubens' most famous creation.  Channelling childhood fear and a healthy dose of some adolescent lust, don't be afraid to be a member of the dinosaur family.   Those crazy dinosaurs claim to have a saucy sausage with your name on it.

Listen to "
Saucy Sausages"
Listen to "
The Dinosaur Family"
Circles $6.00 ppd
When The Big River Floods
(2007 Reissue)
SUM HM 0012

Nick Millevoi is always up to something.  When he's not creating cutting indie guitar swing with his band The Accidental Occurance, you might catch him playing in George Korein's band or exploring any multitude of avant guitar manuevers with such innumerable side projects as Ten Tones and Chakra Khan.  This brings us to his group, Circles, and their debut album which serves as a bridge between all of his many sides. "When The Big River Floods" presents a solid collection of rock songs with enough room to accomodate more experimental impulses and explorations.   Please note: this is a reissue of the extremely limited 2005 pressing on Well Below Records.  This version features new artwork by Circles drummer Rob Ludington and a bonus track.

Listen to "
Away With The Tide"
Listen to "
Ghost Town"
Crap-O-Phonic $6.00 ppd
SUM HM 0013

Crap-O-Phonic is the musical project of one Gary Childress.   Holed up in his remote wilderness refuge somewhere in the remote Endless Mountains region of Pennsylvania, he has been churning out scads of intelligent quirky pop music for over a decade.   Inspired by such eccentric pop luminaries as Robyn Hitchcock, Andy Partridge, a love of b-movies, and the DIY home recording spirit of such lo-fi mavericks as Joe Meek and Robert Pollard, we are proud to present one his finest lost albums.

Listen to "
Paperback Manufacturer"
Listen to "
Live Fast, Die Faster"
The SW!MS $6.00 ppd
Welcome to the Back of Beyond (2000-2002)

SUM HM 0014

The SW!MS have been creating a stir all over the place with their infectious day glo psychedelic-pop nuggets and high energy live shows.  SW!MS founder, Brian Langan, has gone deep into his tape vaults to unearth &  assemble a very special feast of lost songs, demos, and alternate versions of SW!MS classics for you to enjoy that date back to the band's inception.

Listen to "
umm, yeah... about terror mask"
Listen to "
eevee 9D9"
DAS BLACK MILK $6.00 ppd
The Purple Parade

SUM HM 0015

From the tough streets of Berlin, Germany to the quiet expanse of Scranton Pennsylvania USA, Das Black Milk have delivered a stark, striking commentary on the modern artist.  We are proud to introduce the world to the artists known as Das Black Milk.  Centered around the axis of Essence Kane and Billy Reynolds, they have produced the world's first now blues record!  A perfect monolithic example of anti-maturity and defiance of & professional music values (by way of punk, hip hop, new wave, dub and anything else under the sun)!

Listen to "
Likeable Music"
Listen to  "
Soul Cycles"
Kid Icarus $6.00 ppd
The Cassette Years

SUM HM 0016

Kid Icarus is the music of Summersteps Records co-founder Eric Schlittler.  Presented here is a re-issue of two Icarus' rare and out of print early cassette releases.  Remastered and back in print for the first time in almost a decade, "The Cassette Years" gathers together the impossibly lo-fi "Cucumber Album" and the super rare "Laughing Skeletons" EP.  It also includes some early sketches of a few tracks from Icarus' first proper LP, "Maps Of The Saints," along with some bumbling Beatles covers.

Complete Track Listing

Listen to "
Laughing Skeletons (Boombox)"
Listen to "
Theme from Owl Cave"
The SW!MS  (Out of Print)
Festooned! (A Pile of Christmas's)

SUM HM 0017

To help commemorate the holiday season we are proud to annouce a special handmade X-MAS treat.  SW!MS frontman Brian Langan along with some of his usual co-horts has crafted a festive mini-LP of holiday themed psychedelic pop treats.  Recorded at home and spanning the years from 2000-2006, the songs on this collection were originally given to family and friends as Christmas gifts.  Now collected and available for us all to enjoy,
Festooned is a treat that few fans of Christmas or home baked psych will be able to pass up from renderings of such classics as "Silver Bells" or the soon to be Christmas standard, "Placenta of Christ"

Listen to "Festooned"
Various Artists $6.00
Compilation Blues!
SUM HM 0018

To help kick off 2008 properly, we're releasing "COMPILATION BLUES!" right off the bat.  It's an 18 song collection of new and/or unreleased tracks featuring all of your favorite Summersteps Handmade artists along with some other friends as well.  Featuring such artsts as Brother JT, SW!MS, Das Black Milk, Kid Icarus, The Green Chair, tigers jaw, fantasierock, These Elk Forever, Circles, Psychatrone Rhonedakk, Louch and tons more.

Complete Track Listing Here

Listen to:  Louch perform
"Seriously, This Is Getting Serious"

Listen to:  The Green Chair perform
"Water Lion Dub"
Das Black Milk $6.00
The Blood of Hell
SUM HM 0019

Das Black Milk, hot off the heels of last years handmade debut,
The Purple Parade have done it again.  They return with The Blood of Hell, another dose of high energy, now blues!    More unhinged rockers, electro drummed anthems,  twisted punk manuvers and acoustic balladry all find a  place on the record.  This is a must be heard to be believed platter.

Listen to: 
"the ballad of the k's"
Listen to: 
"highway 852"
Why Did Johnny Kill?  $5.00
s/t EP
SUM HM 0020

Why Did Johnny Kill is the grindcore and metal oriented side project of The Marshmallow Staircase's Jeff Gilotti along with his various cohorts.  Violent, brutal, powerful and abrasive stuff.  15 songs in 10 minutes.
The Marshmallow Staircase $6.00
Red Giant
SUM HM 0021

The Marshmallow Staircase returns with another SS Handmade release full of secrets.  The mindbending follow up to 2006's Planet Express.  Red Giant is a game changer improving upon it's predecessor with more psychedelic swirling mayhem.  Cosmically informed stoned jams and chirping analog synths make this set a must have.

Co-release with Leopard Libido.

Listen to: "Street Patrol"